Friday, November 26, 2010


We want to hear from you about safety in the neighbourhood.

Would you like to see COPP (Citizens On Patrol) happening in the neighbourhood?
Would you like to see Block Captains or a Neighbourhood Watch?
Should we start a Powerline?
Should we try something completely new?

Call Maia at 927-2340 or email us at
and let us know. We want your ideas. We are all part of the solution - together we can make a difference.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Dialogue about Sport in Winnipeg

The City of Winnipeg is hosting a forum about Sport in the City of Winnipeg.
The City is looking at creating an accessible, affordable comprehensive sport plan for Winnipeg that will engage citizens of all ages.

The St. John's Residents Association will be attending to provide a voice for our neighbourhood. If you have any concerns or suggestions you would like brought forward please let us know or come out and check it out for your selves. You can contact us at
The forum will be held Wednesday Dec 1st at the North Centennial Recreation Centre (90 Sinclair) from 5 -7 pm.

Hope to hear from you