Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Looking for a few good people

So as March is getting going so are a lot of the community activities. As these are usually planned and executed by residents we are looking for a few people to get involved with the following events/programs. Please check these out and give us a shout! we'd love to hear from you.

Newsletter Submissions:
As we are gearing up to produce a quarterly community newsletter we are looking for people to write submissions. It is always nice to have different voices, opinions, information etc in the newsletter and we'd like to have yours. Deadline for submissions is March 11th and you can email them to stjohnsra@gmail.com

Exterior FixUp Grants:
The grant applications will be coming out in the March Newsletter so it is time to set the criteria again. Fix Up Grants are awarded through the participation of resident feedback and this is your opportunity to change how it works. If you have applied for a grant, received a grant, or knew nothing about the grants it is a great opportunity to find out more and provide your feedback. The consultation is going to be March 9th at 6pm held at NECRC office (509 Selkirk Av). Please RSVP with Kali at 927-2341 or email at kali@necrc.org Also if you can't attend but have an idea feel free to send your ideas to Kali.

Urban Green Team:
We will be applying for an Urban Green Team again this year so we need some ideas of what they should be doing. If you would like to be involved with this amazing program by providing ideas, helping to structure the youth's job description and task or have any ideas what so ever please contact Maia at 927-2340 or maia@necrc.org Deadlines for getting involved with the green team is March 18th.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Seed Starting Workshop - March 5th

This Saturday a "Seed Starting Workshop" will be held at Ralph Brown Community Centre starting at 1pm. The workshop will be hosted by Urban Eating Gardener's Co-op and will help teach you how to start your seeds indoors for your garden this year. It is FREE and we encourage anyone in the neighbourhood interested in/curious about/ experienced with gardening to come out. Please RSVP at 927-2342