Friday, September 28, 2012

Citizens Action Network - C.A.N.

Heard of it? It's now in action!

The Citizens Action Network is a new network connecting the Winnipeg Police, Community Services Department and other social networks. It can be a single point of contact for a resident. You can go to the City's website at and click on the large red button that says "Send a Community Issue or Problem Now" and your concern will be sent to your area C.A.N. Coordinator who will notify the divisions and departments involved with C.A.N. for the issue.

That is all you need to do. The programs basic description is:

A Network formed by the Winnipeg Police Service, with the City of Winnipeg Community Services Department, as a way of safely receiving information from the public. The information is received by a member of the Community designated as the CAN Coordinator. They concerns come from members of the public that have neighbourhood concerns or problems including, but not limited to, derelict vehicles/housing, overflowing garbage bins (or garbage on a property), and other neighbourhood issues.

The CAN Coordinator then forwards the information to WPS, "311", or Manitoba Justice - Public Safety as applicable. The information received is not to be of an emergency nature, in progress, or meant to bypass any current reporting procedures. CAN is the only Community information network endorsed by the Winnipeg Police Service.

The Winnipeg Police Service in conjunction with the City of Winnipeg Community Services Department has created the "Citizen’s Action Network (CAN)" as a direct link between the Public and your "Winnipeg Police Service Community Support Unit Constables" and "Community Services - Community Development Workers".

The goal is to increase the quality of life across Winnipeg by addressing community problems/issues before they affect the community.

The website continues to provide examples of problems that can be reported with this new system.

They can include (though there are other examples):
■Fortified houses - bars on windows, doors, etc.

■Suspicious residences where there are multiple short visits by people, or vehicles.

■Areas or residences/buildings frequented by suspected sex trade workers.

■Safety issues such as inadequate lighting in parks/public areas and community information that there have been problems there. (ie. groups of youths hanging out at all hours)

When reporting incidents, please provide as much detail as you can. If you notice a group of kids hanging out at a school after hours every Monday from 9pm - 1am, please include this in your report. *The more information received, the better chance there is that it can be investigated and avoid delays*

C.A.N. is NOT to be used for emergencies, crimes in progress, or meant to bypass any current reporting procedures. If you report an issue that is in progress, or one that will include a Police Investigation that is more in depth that what they can inspect from an exterior, you will be sent a reply by the Coordinator asking you to contact the Winnipeg Police Service directly at their emergency number (911) or non-emergency phone number [(204)986-6222].
Also, this does not include information about Organized Crime, Gang or Drug Related Information and Illegal Firearms. For these concerns, please continue to call the Organized Crime Drug Tip Line.
A Police Officer will obtain the information and callers will remain completely anonymous. This Tip Line is not for any emergencies or incidents in progress. This tip line will be answered between normal business hours, Monday to Friday and a message can be left after hours. The OCU Tip Line is 204-986-3411.

If you wish to remain Anonymous and receive a Reward call Crime Stoppers at: 204-786-TIPS.

Flu Clinic Locations

It must be that time of year again. No, not Halloween (yet) but Flu season.

Want the shot? It's going to be offered at clinics and locations throughout the North End. They will be at:

October 11: Norquay Community Center at 65 Granville Street from 2pm - 5pm

October 16, 17 & 18: North End Wellness Centre at 363 McGregor Street from 1pm - 8pm.

October 19: North End Wellness Centre at 363 McGregor Street from 9am - 4pm

October 23: Turtle Island at 510 King Street from 2pm - 5pm

October 25: Spring Church at 648 Burrows Avenue from 10am - 2pm

October 29: Spring Church at 648 Burrows Avenue from 10am - 2pm

November 7: Andrews Street Family Center at 220 Andrews Street 12pm - 3pm

November 8: St. John's Church at 251 Bannerman Avenue 11am - 2:30pm

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

October at Aboriginal Visioning

Aboriginal Visioning for the North End, located at 586 Selkirk Avenue, has a jam packed October for you!

All programs they offer are free!

Wednesday October 3: Lunch: Soup & Bannock; Activity: Housing Q&A

Tuesday October 9: North End Community Helpers Network Meeting at 5pm at 485 Selkirk Avenue

Wednesday October 10: Lunch: Thanksgiving Lunch; Activity: Library Q&A

Thursday October 11: Housing Gathering at 5pm at 586 Selkirk Avenue. Free dinner and bus tickets!

Friday October 12: Lighting up the Avenue meeting at 10 am at 586 Selkirk Avenue

Wednesday October 17: Lunch: Soup & Sandwiches; Activity: WPG Transition Centre AND St. Johns Residents Association meeting at 460 Andrews at 7pm

Thursday October 18: Dufferin Residents Association of Winnipeg's Annual General Meeting at 5:30pm at North End Recreation & Leisure Centre 90 Sinclair Street

Wednesday October 24: Lunch: Macaroni and Cheese; Activity: Jewelry with Jessie

Wednesday October 31: Lunch: Spaghetti & Salad; Activity: Earrings with Gladys

Remember it is Women's Gathering every Wednesday from 11 am - 2pm.

Drop in for Free Coffee or Tea anytime!!

Any questions, give them a call at (204)586-5940.