Thursday, October 4, 2012

CBC Conversation Cafe - 'Police and vulnerable communities'

A Journalist with the CBC is doing a radio segment for CBC Manitoba called 'The Conversation Cafe'. The aim of the Cafe is to bring a small group of Winnipeggers together for an informal dinner and a facilitated conversation about issues and matters important to them.

The conversation is pre-recorded and segments are aired on CBC's information radio with Terry MacLeod. The aim is to bring people together who may not have had the opportunity to engage with one another. Its a comfortable space and place to share thoughts, experiences, discover more about each others perspectives and build bridges of understanding.

The next Cafe will put two groups of participants to speak about 'Police and vulnerable communities'. There will be four participants from law enforcement and four participants representing vulnerable communities (representatives of residents associations, neighbourhoods with high rates of gang related activity or crime, 'at-risk' youth group representatives etc). This would provide a unique forum for representatives from key sections of civil society to come together and discuss key issues affecting all. It would also provide a wonderful opportunity for you to learn and discover different perspectives about how to address issues that arose from the conversation.

The philosophy behind the cafe is that it focuses on respectful dialogue and not hostile debate. This is not about 'grilling or blaming each other' but rather about having conversation at the personal level with people who are passionate about bettering our society.

Questions that will be discussed at the cafe could include:

How do we strengthen trust between police and vulnerable communities/'at-risk' individuals?
What are the success stories?
What are the challenges and barriers to this? How do we work together to overcome them?
What are the next steps to increasing partnership and understanding between these groups? How do we work together to make Winnipeg a safer place for all?

The Conversation Cafe will take place on Tuesday October 23rd, at 120 Maryland from 6pm- 8:30pm. The cafe will be audio recorded, but not aired live. The CBC is looking for people from your community and neighbourhood to participate in this important conversation. If you are interested, or know of anyone who would be enthusiastic to engage, please contact Nadia at There is a screening process prior to the cafe, thereafter participants will be selected.

Homework Club - Ralph Brown Community Centre

Got some extra homework? Wanna hang out with some cool people and get er' done?

Homework club is tonight, Thursday October 4 at 6pm at Ralph Brown Community Centre.

Everyone is invited.

Ralph Brown Community Centre is at 460 Andrews Street on the West side of the building, closer to McGregor.

Thanksgiving Weekend Fun - Mosienko Lanes

Billy Mosienko lanes is having a Thanksgiving Weekend of Family Fun (perfect for the winter-esque type weather we are having).

Three options! You can either do the door crasher between 10 am and 12pm where games are only $2 each; the Pizza Pack which is an hour of bowling, a large pizza and a pitcher of pop for $42 or the Snack Pack which is an hour of bowling, 1 pitcher of pop and a bucket of popcorn for $35.

If you're feeling wild, why not do all three!

Located at 1136 Main Street, inbetween Redwood Avenue and Boyd Avenue on the West side of Main Street, come on down for some indoor fun this weekend.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Howl - St. John's Library

If my son was a year older, I know where I would be on October 27 from 2 - 3. I would be at St. John's Library to take part in Halloween Howl.

Not only do you get to wear your awesome costume but you get to celebrate in a Halloween celebration. There will be having spooky stories, ghoulish games and a creepy craft.

Anyone aged 6 - 12 can come and hang out and have an awesome time getting your Halloween fill a few days early!

Call 204-986-4689 to register.

Teepee Teachings - St. John's Library

Come and learn all about the teepee with Elders Barbara and Clarence Nepinak!

You will learn the history and structure of teepees and you'll make your own model teepee to take home.

This is for youth ages 10 and over. If you are between 10 - 15 bring an adult to help in construction.

It is free and all supplies are provided. There isa limit of one model trepee per individual registrant or for each youth/adult pairing.

Registration is required. It is going on at St. John's Library from 7 - 8pm on Monday October 15. To register call 204-986-4689.