Friday, September 7, 2012

September Newsletter

We just received our newsletters for September and will be delivering them to your mailbox soon!

Do you have something you would like to see in our Newsletters? Do you want to comment, start a discussion about a topic or have a question about something in our Newsletter? Let us know!

We want our newsletter to be for you, our Community. If there are issues you would like to see addresses in it or subjects not covered, post a message on our Facebook, the blog, send us an email or come on down to a Residents Association meeting (every Third Wednesday of the month at Ralph Brown Community Centre at 7pm)

This newsletter has Community events, news updates and a survey. Happy reading!

Main Street Farmers Market Line Up

A big Thank You to Iain for posting a lineup of food with their prices for this afternoons Farmers Market!

Check it out. Today's food will include:

Corn $7/ dozen, $4/ half dozen, 75cents/ each
Beets $3/each
Carrots $3/ bundle
Onions $1.50/ bulb and greens
Scallions/green onions $2/ each
Cucumbers (baby dill cukes 2 for $1 & english cukes $1/ each)
Peppers $2/ each
Kale $3/ each
Head lettuce $3