About us

The St. Johns Residents' Association is working in the neighbourhood to improve community safety, address housing issues, develop wellness and recreation services, create economic development opportunities and to build neighbourhood capacity.

Our boundaries are from the West side of Main St. to East side of McGregor St.; North side of Redwood Ave. to South side of Atlantic Ave.. If you are a resident or business within this area, you are in St Johns!

We invite you to share your concerns. We all live in the neighbourhood and are aware of many of the issues surrounding personal safety. Crimes involving personal property, and various other related incidents affect everyone.

Things we can help you with:

  • Abandoned waste or garbage/recycling carts inquiries: Let us know the address or issue/question!
  • Neighbourhood issues including safety, derelict vehicles/houses, neighbour disputes
  • Children's programming information/childcare information
  • Street light outages or required repairs
  • Winnipeg Transit routes, bus stop maintenance, etc.


Not interested in everything? Maybe one focus point is best!

We have 4 committees that are starting up to address different concerns in the neighbourhood. They are:

Outreach - Help plan and volunteer with events, write articles for the newsletters, help deliver newsletters, and meet new people. This committee is very social and an easy way to meet other residents and to get involved.

Executive - Help with the nuts 'n bolts of the board. You don’t need to hold a board position; though you would help us update our by-laws and constitution as well as help decide the direction for the board.

Gardens & Green Space - Help to maintain our two current Community gardens, plan and start new green spaces, assist at Machray Park, and help plan workshops throughout the year. This committee involves everything from veggies to flowers.

Housing & Safety - Newly combined, this committee helps create a Community based approach to safety issues. Each block and person has their own needs and demands and we want to make sure that we address these issues in a way that creates positive and sustainable changes. We will also be sharing updates from area committees and discuss programs, such as the Citizens On Patrol Program (COPP), that we want to explore. Help select fix up grant recipients, research housing initiatives, receive information on new developments in the area and help raise awareness on housing needed in the Community. Mirroring some of the safety aspect, we will also report on housing concerns within the area.

Feel free to contact us for more information or to get involved! 
Phone: (204) 927-2340     Fax: (204) 582-2801   Email: stjohnsra@gmail.com


  1. If I,m on the North side of Atlantic Ave, what community/neighborhood am I in?

    1. You are in the St.John's Area!