Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 16th Meeting

Our upcoming meeting will be held on November 16 at Ralph Brown Community Centre at 7 pm. We will be:

  • Voting on Halloween Four Season contest
  • Planning our Winter Wonderland contest
  • Finalizing the December (Final 2011) newsletter
  • Talking about tree banding and bedbug meeting
The meeting is free and open to all. If you can't attend or would like something added, let me know!

October 19th meeting

At our meeting from October 19th, we decided to continue with our Four Seasons contests for Fall and Winter. Our Fall contest was for Halloween decorations. Before Halloween I went around our neighbourhood and made not of decorations. Houses that were decorated only on Halloween were also noted and included. We will be holding a vote at our November 16th meeting for the winners of the contest.

Our Winter contest will be Festive decorations. If you have any Indoor/Outdoor Winter Themed decorations in view from the street, we will take note and enter your address in for a draw for a gift certificate (ranging in price depending on price you may win!).

Our newsletter submission deadline is November 14 to make it to print for November 23.

If you want to add anything to our newsletter, feel free to comment, email or let us know on Facebook (St Johns Residents) or Twitter (StJohnsResAssoc)!