Monday, September 26, 2011

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As my time in BC winds down, I am getting anxious to return to Winnipeg and get back to work. I have started an online petition that community members and all of Winnipeg can feel free to sign to take a stance against the violence in our City.

This is the first small step of a larger plan I will be trying to put together. The petition is the start showing our members in Government that we are not going to stay silent. There is no reason a City needs to have this level of violence and nothing be done about it. Last year near this time we had our night of violence shortly before Halloween that ruined many childrens opportunity to experience a night of fun trick-or-treating. After this there was an increased number of Police vehicles and presence that really put a cap on the violence, or stopped any that was caught in progress, and made me feel somewhat safer, though that was short lived as less than a month later everything went back to normal.

Do we need another nightly crime spree ending in countless murders to happen before our area gets help? Will it be short lived help again? Is anyone trying to create a long-term plan that doesn't need to be inacted after a violent burst?

You can find the petition at

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