Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Grandmothers Protecting Our Children - 6th annual medicine walk

Kookum Kaa Na Da Maa Waad Abinoojiiak Council “Grandmothers Protecting our Children” 6th Annual Medicine Walk will be held on September 21st, 2012.

This will bring together our communities, social service organizations, helpers and allies under the Wisdom and Guidance of the beloved Grandmother Council. Their prophecy tells us that the Grandmother Councils will reclaim their rightful place in these trying times. In our history it is known that our Ancient Grandmothers/Clan Mother councils before us, were the ROOTS to the balance in our societies. The Men inherently understood this and looked to the Kookums for Guidance. The Men understood that the Kookums were the birthers of all, the white haired ones, that knew deeply what was best for the people.

This year they will be gathering for a ceremony at the Circle of Life Thunderbird House on Higgins Avenue at Main Street.

The Grandmothers Council are requesting that your group/organizations/agencies who work with our people come to a Tobacco Pray Tie “Burning Ceremony” at the Thunderbird House. This is to Honour the Spirits of our children, youth and peoples who have lost their lives through violent death, suicides and because of the ongoing systemic abuse which is still prevalent in our lives and communities today. The Grandmother Council needs to send out a message of importance and the urgency of all our People coming together in ceremony and healing.

It does not matter if you come from a religious Faith based background, if you are Traditional or not. Everyone is diverse from all backgrounds but have one voice.

If you are attending, you are requested to bring:

*Prayer ties: You can have a circle with staff, clients and families and make prayer ties together for those we have lost.
*Bring prayer ties to ceremony at Thunderbird House 8am [outside at ceremonial grounds] Grandmothers will be there to receive you with Love and Guide you through the Ceremony.

A light Breakfast will be inside Thunderbird House at aprox. 9am. The Medicine Walk will start at 10 am and proceed to the Legislative Building where the Grandmothers Council and invited guests will deliver their words of Wisdom to all Peoples.

They invite all to participating to bring a banner to represent their group/organization/agencies. If your agency has a van, they also request the name and logo be on the van that can follow behind the Medicine Walk to show solidarity in the community. They also encourage the youth and individuals participating to make a banner to bring awareness to the broader society. A strong visual presentation of banners and vans will get the message forward that “We Will Not remain Silent”.

For more information or to register please contact;

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