Tuesday, July 10, 2012

No Stone Unturned Concert - July 14

Everyone is invited to the 'No Stone Unturned Concert' at The Forks on July 14 from 1pm -10 pm.

The concert will honour Manitoba’s missing and murdered women and girls – and to raise awareness about the issue in Manitoba. Many performers have given their time to support this cause.

Performers include:

Hector Menow / Soul Chemical / Rband / DMP / Joshua Manzanilla / Chrome 204 / Percy Tuesday / Andrea Dunning / Troy Westwood / Ruckus Movement / Fargo Arizona / Giving In / Raven Hart Bellecourt / Black Saddle / Keewatin Otchitcha / Traditional Womens Drum Group

Hosts include:

Hector Menow & Claudette Osbornes Family and Friends

Emcees include:

Rosanna Deerchild / Troy Westwood / Melissa Streetz Spence / Cecil Sveinson / Junior James

There will also be an art auction with paintings by Patrick Ross & Jackie Traverse (produced live during concert).

Oodena Celebration Circle Candle Light Vigil will be at 10 pm.

If you would like to volunteer Bernadette Smith at 204-219-2579 or by email at bsmith_772@msn.com.

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