Friday, August 24, 2012


Not sure what I'm talking about, or did seeing the title make you wanna click because you know the awesomeness that is the FWD?

Either way, here is where you can found out about what it is and what is next for it!

The FWD: North End Youth Newspaper. It is a collaboration of just that; Youth in the North End. AYO’s Creative Expressions program rolled out at Children of the Earth High School, at RB Russell High School and at St. John’s High School. It was made possible by the hardworking students at these schools, the volunteers helping out and with support and help with the leadership at NECRC (North End Community Renewal Corporation).

The mission (which I found at their website, of The FWD is to promote outreach, pride and involvement within the community and create a youth training /skill building opportunity in the form of a North End community newspaper. Based out of St. John’s, R.B. Russell, and Children of the Earth high schools, a weekly journalism club will offer guidance and training for students and a voice for community members. With the assistance of the organizational staff of The FWD, the members of the club will produce a product that reflects their community and allows them to establish relationships with community businesses and organizations while developing job readiness skills.

The FWD has released two amazing copies of their Community newspaper and are hoping to have the 3rd issue released at the beginning of September 2012.

Right now, the FWD is looking for your help. There are 3 ways they are asking you to help them!

1. If you are a young person in the North End, consider becoming a student writer! You get to learn how to be a journalist, meet cool people and have your words shared across the City! (you also get to make up your own pen name and personal logo!)

2. If you are a business, organization or group, consider purchasing an Ad in their next issue! They have created a formula where they can publish 3,000 copies of The FWD if they can receive 10 ads purchased for each issue!

3. If you are a venue in the North End and want to set up a FWD News Stand, let them know! The more places (restaurants, offices, gas stations, youth centres, etc) that allow them to set up a news stand, the more people will hear their voice.

Wanna contact them?

Send an email
Like them on Facebook at
Tweet/follow them at @FWDwinnipeg

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