Thursday, January 17, 2013

Community Consultation - January 26 from 1-4

2013 is upon us in a big way and we want to make this one of the best years for the Community yet! We need your help to do it.

We will have a day of input on January 26 from 1 - 4 at Win Gardner Place (363 McGregor Street). We will have a wide array of poster boards asking for your ideas on everything from Financial Sustainability ideas to meeting locations to workshop ideas and more! We will also have various committees and groups to sign up for.

We would really love to expand our online base and be able to send you information on upcoming St. John's Resident Association events, meetings, Community events and initiatives. Our email is and we would love to hear from you!

Not only will the day be one that we will use to plan our 2013 year, but we will also have information for you. We will have what we have done over the past year, what we have planned this year so far, our board on hand to meet you and answer any questions you may have, Service Canada will have information on pensions, student loans/bonds and EI/maternity leave information.

To top it off, we will be having food and prizes. Not just any food but perogies, bannock, cabbage rolls and desert. Best of all, its local! Prizes and food will be held nearer to 3 and everyone is invited.

We will have paper copies available of both our business and resident surveys, but in case you missed the links the resident survey can be found at and the business survey can be found at

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