Monday, April 8, 2013

New Meeting Location

After our January Community Consultation it was decided that we would move the monthly meetings to Win Gardner Place at 363 McGregor Street. The meetings will still be at the same time, 7 pm, and on the third Wednesday of every month.

We will be holding the meetings at Win Gardner for April, May and June and will decide after Junes meeting if we will continue at this location. We are always looking for members of the Community to attend our monthly meetings to provide input, share ideas and concerns.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them here, send them to us in an email, post on Facebook or Twitter!


  1. We are just in the process of hiring a new Community Development Worker, so there may not be food at this first meeting, though there will be tea and coffee.

  2. I just moved into the neighborhood in July and would be very interested in coming and in any help that I can give. I had no idea this association existed, until I received the newsletter that is. If possible, I would love to attend the meeting on Wednesday, and would it be suitable if I brought snacks?


  3. Hi Julia,

    Sorry I did not see your message earlier! Your offer was greatly appreciated! If you wanted to bring something to a meeting feel free, though its not required :) I'm glad that our newsletter has reached you and welcome to the neighbourhood!