Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pollocks Hardware

Pollocks Hardware recently sent out their newsletter. Some neat tidbits in it were:

They are holding their Paderno Sale from November 14 - 18. More information on the sale can be found at

Pollocks is also updating their website frequently. Check it out at They post it with photos, news, products for sale and with information about the Social Enterprise Center at 765 Main Street's Warehouse). Plus they also have Community News! 

You can also check out their Facebook at 

Don't yet have a Pollocks membership? Ask about one next time you're in. With it you will get 10% off at The Tallest Poppy (631 Main Street), 10% off parts at Minute Muffler (1011 Main Street) and 10% off sales and services at St Paul Small Engine (2985 Henderson Highway).. in addition to the awesome deals with member sales!

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