Thursday, August 2, 2012

North End Womens Centre Summer Program Activities

In addition to the last post with ALL of the going ons at the North End Women's Centre, here is a larger explanation of the events! The Summer Program is to promote and encourage positive relationships between women and their children/grandchildren through fun summer activities.

It is required that you sign up before hand for outings and it is noted that times may change for outings.

August 2, 2012– Tinkertown!! Groups will be meeting @ NEWC at 10am and the bus will leave at 10:30 to Tinkertown. A snack will be provided.

August 9, 2012 KP Day! Groups will be meeting @ NEWC at 11am and catch a transit bus for 11:30 to Kildonan Park Pool. Don’t forget you towels and swimwear! Snack will be provided.

August 13, 2012-Zoo Day! - Meeting @ NEWC for 11:15am where groups will travel together by a transit bus to Assiniboine Park Zoo to have a fun day outside learning new things about animals. A small lunch will be provided. Don’t forget you hat and a good pair of walking shoes! Snack will be provided.

August 14, 2012-St. John’s Library Day - Groups will meet at NEWC at 1:30 and walk to St. John’s library to see a special performance by singer/storyteller Aaron Burnett! Snack will be provided.

August 16, 2012– Craft - Families will be decorating hats and tote bags together. Everyone will get to keep there new hat and bags! A lunch will be provided.

August 20, 2012– Family Pictures and Craft - Families will be having family pictures and making our own picture frames for our family portrait. Snack will be provided.

August 23, 2012-Community Spa Day - Women will have the opportunity to sign up for two free services such as haircuts, makeup, nails, and pedicure.

You can contact 204-589-7347 to sign up for any of these exciting days!

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